Friday, November 03, 2006

Hotel Monopol – Katowice

Positioned in the town centre the Monopol Hotel has a particular structure derived by the previous nature of the building. In fact, the building was probably an industrial centre that has been converted. The main feature of the hotel is the big saloon. The hotel offers a nice Spa, where obviously I did not go. Moreover the hotel is particularly indicated for meeting session. In-fact, a very comfortable meeting room is just round the bar, so as the coffee break is a relax moment.

My bedroom was on the third floor and the access was by a very characteristic balcony protected by a glass roof. My place was a double bedroom, no very comfortable because of the two bad instead of one of double size. Besides the bathroom was very nice and curates in every single detail.

I have been in the hotel just one night, so as I have no idea of the meal (I ate out) but the breakfast was in half and assorted.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Radisson - Frankfurt

visited on July 2006

The hotel has a very impact structure and it is a perfect place to organize meeting. It offers a lot of facilities such as the fitness and relax area. As usual the food it is not the top, but it is a good standard for Germany. Another good point for this hotel is that it is situated close to the Fair and to the Airport.

The bedroom are nice but not this luxury as can be expected from an hotel with those prices. One nice featuers is the bathroom. Every day a new set of high quality fragrances can helps to perform a very nice experience in a relaxing bath (unfortunately without hydro-massage).Finally the windows cannot be open, but it is normal for this kind of “all glass” hotel.

Saturday, September 30, 2006


Visited on September 2006

Situated in the city centre this is a very nice hotel to spend a couple of night for work. It is particularly suitable for events or for the time of one of the many fairs in Hannover. In fact, the link to the “Messe” is rapid and efficient. A very fast tube take you to the fair ground in less then 30 minutes.
The bedroom I have tried was a single room, wide and comfortable. Only the bed itself (one place) was – in my opinion – a little bit small compared with the dimension of the rest of the hotel
Also the bathroom was a bit old.
One of the nicest think of this hotel, on the other hand is for sure the restaurant. It is considered to be one of the best in Hanover and I can assure that it is true!
I personally suggest the soups and the meet, that are particularly good.Finally the hotel offers a big SPA and a lot of services, but I can not judge them because I was very busy.

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